Monday, March 2, 2009

UCSC Kayak Club w/ Shasta Boyz Productions

We finally have been getting some weather here in Cali and most the rivers have gotten nice and swollen. While trapped at school, I have been volunteering at the UCSC kayak club for their pool sessions and enjoying getting to know each person individually. The club has pool session every other Wednesday and there is a trip to the American in the Spring. This group of people is a pleasure to be around and are the next generations of our sport.

My good friend Gaylen Licht is the President of the club and he is fired up to get people in a boat and out on a river. He isn't the only familiar face around those parts though. My brother always makes it out along with my World Classmate Cheski McConnaughay who just moved out from PA.

This is a great resource for students to get into kayaking and it has been fun paddling round with these guys. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the rain/snow and keep your eyes out for continued Shasta Boyz debauchery.


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