Friday, January 23, 2009

1st Little White Salmon run of 2009

For my last weekend up north, myself, Ben Stookesberry, and Chris Korbulic headed up to Hood River, OR in search of some goods. After driving from 5:30am on friday the 16th, we arrived at Eagle Creek to scout out Metlako falls. We rallied the mile-ish hike and climbed down to the lip to check her out. It's a beautiful waterfall with a perfect line but was running a little low. We all opted to come back and give er' with a little more water and some warmer temperatures.

The next morning we arose early planning to go and snag the 1st Little White runs of the 2009 season. We had a stout crew joined by Ryan Scott, Cody Howard, Todd Anderson, Erik Boomer, and Keel Brightman. It was a epic flow at 3.9 on the gauge and it was great to see all the rapids pretty clear of wood.

We stayed there thru Monday running LDUB and the upper section which is rockin. Jesse Coombs joined up with the group for a day of boating on LDUB, including the upper, and then rallied back to Corvallis afterwards. The group expected warm weather but due to the inversion happening, the temperature never got above the mid 30's. The trip was epic and a great relief for some winter boating.

While in hood we only shot with the new GoPro Helemt Wide cameras which are epic. It would have been nice to have some shore shots, but no one wanted to get out of their boat to shoot. So enjoy the footage and be sure to check out GoPro's site (

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Season of the Leap!

First Ascent of 'Kaya' 5.11a Lover's Leap photos: Styles Larsen

The sudden appearence of Indian Summer in January has led to a burst of route development at Lover's Leap. Not Lover's Leap of the South Lake Tahoe area, but Lover's Leap up in the State of Jefferson. Drive through Scott Valley out the Sisson/Callahan just north of Mt Shasta and you'll notice limestone plugs to the north almost immediately. While some of this limestone has been developed access issues require a little extra driving for public access. Within an hour your drive will be rewarded by a large euro style limestone plug up on a hillside.

A 30 minute hump up the hill and your at some of the best limestone in NorCal. Local climber OT has been active in route development and has just added 2 new classics, 'Lover's Crack' a 5.9 on the Choice Venue Wall, and 'Dr. Lu' a spicy 5.8 on the Marley Wall. Also still fresh with drill dust is 'Kaya' 5.11a, juggy moves down low take you to some ultra thin sustained pimping on clean grey limestone. I suspect this flurry will continue as long as the weather is warm and by spring 'the Leap' of Jefferson State will be a new destination crag for those in or passing through NorCal.