Wednesday, July 30, 2008

South Merced

The South Merced, flowing out of Yosemite, is described in the white water bible as a true pristine Cali classic. Back in mid spring a good friend Rusty Sage spoke of great boulder gardens and remote wilderness which didn't take much more discussion to count me in. We set out from Rusty's house in Santa Cruz around 5am to meet Phil Boyer and Mike of Coloma at the Wowona putin in Yosemite for the 2 day mission.
The run was classic. Fun, continuous boulder gardens, with some great lines. We had minor carnage on the run with a total of 3 swims and no lost gear. We camped below Superslide and met up with a couple other groups of boaters. It was Johnny Kerns bachelor party, accompanied by Lil' Dave, Lindgren, Jason Hale, and a whole crew from Mammoth. We 15 kayakers camped there all fired up for the next day.

Day 2 was just as good with some more great boulder gardens and fun slides. We took out at the Hwy. 140 bridge around 2pm. The trip was epic and Yosemite is a magnificent place. Enjoy the vid.

Shasta Boyz Biking

If there is one sport that I can relate kayaking to it would be downhill mtn. biking. This summer while stuck in Shasta working, when all mi amigos ran the sh#t, I got to do some cross training on my bike. This is some footage of myself and local Shasta ripper Taylor Russell killin' it around Shasta and Ashland. Enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mt. Shasta Kayak Clinic

Come out for an evening of fun with the Shasta Boyz and Mr. Ben Stookesberry. We will be presenting kayak safety, technique, and basic roll instruction. Learn from the experts and come out for some good times. Contact Shasta Base Camp for more details and or gear 530 926-2359.

Friday, July 11, 2008

BMX Park Riding

Catch a snippet of "The Happening" as Juan Carlos rips the Weed Ca Skate Park.

Shasta Boyz is collaborating with Films By Pumalogy to give you a multi-sport video that represents the endless possibilities of the Shasta area.

Currently we are gathering down hill biking, street and park BMX footage to form the Shasta Biking section of the new video.

Also in the works are first ascents in the Crags. This rock footage is dangerous; only watch it with adult supervision. We will keep you posted!

Asta La Vista

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crags 2008 Update

Crags Season is finally in full swing and things are definitely starting to heat up. The first new route of the year is Tagged 5.11d, a beautiful double arete climb with a good mix of bolts and gear for 100' of awesome technical climbing. Tagged lies on the detached chimney buttress just right of the 'Burley Buttress'. The chimney climb weighs in at 5.9(r) and is a true rediscovered classic left to us by the past generation. Here is a shot of me working the next in line of Crags test pieces, "The Flying Monkey" project... which is anticipated to go at 5.13. This climb features relentless side pulls and smears and culminates in a wild through from the lip of the roof, It's WILD!
There has been a lot of interest in the Crag's lately and we are psyched to be at the forefront of Crags development. We will publishing more route info on Castle Crags and other Shasta local jems, so check in with SBC's site and Alpine Addict for the latest.

photos by:
Sean Malee